Saturday, October 23, 2077

How To View VR Content

So, you're like 'wow, this is pretty fuckin neato. But how do I actually view this shit??'

Don't worry, I got you covered on that. Here we go,

Step 1: (What you need)

-Get yourself a Google Cardboard
-A smartphone, preferably a newer one.

Step 2: (Setup)


-I suggest downloading VR Player Free though other programs will work too.
-Once downloaded you'll want to copy the links to my VR videos/images.

-Then paste them into the VR player
-Alternatively you can download the images/videos to your phone and open them in the VR player.
-Finally, change the settings (settings are in the top right of player) to be
Projection: Sphere

Format: 3D Over/Under

 -These will be the same settings for every image/video unless otherwise stated.


-Download Homindo then work it out yourself you dirty IOS pleb.
-(It works basically the same just a different VR player)


Now jack into the Metaverse!